Tour Program to Santorini from Athens, 2 days full program to Santorini Island departing from Piraeus and visit Kaldera and the famous sunset of Oia!

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Santorini 2 days Tour

Tour to Santorini
Thira tooks the name "Santorini" from a small church of Saint Irene (Santa Irini). There is a believes that the name came from the church in Perissa or from others that came from a church in Rivas of Thirassia. In the years of Frankish rule (1207 - 1579), Santorini followed the fate and the history of remainder islands of Duchy of Naxos. At this years was expelled the family Varotsi (1335) and the Barony was blamed in the Duchy. Under the hegemony of Sanoudes, the island knew big bloom with the growth of the cotton cultivation. During the period of power of Duke Jacob of Krispon dynasty (1397 - 1418) Jacob studied particularly the volcano while the later concession of Santorini in the Duke of Crete Dominico Pisani, brought new latin bishop under the protection of Venice and was thus strengthened the agriculture with particular growth of culture of cotton and viticulture. Follows finally, the annexation of island, with the remainder Duchy, in Venice (1487). In entire the duration of Frankish rule, the islands suffered so much from the piratical raids, what from the competitions aamong the local latin dynaties or between the Duke and the Sultan. The same period, the coexistence of two christian communities of - catholic and orthodoxe - above in the island, often created their frictions between them, instigated by the religious leadership of both communities. Turkish conquest (1579 - 1821) contributed in the repression of piracy and in the growth of trade. The traders created narrow relations with the big harbours (Alexandria, Istamboul, Odessa) the Eastern Mediterranean, where they founded also important colonies. Their economic independence from these activities is now visible in old mansions that are saved still in the villages of Santorini.
Tour to Santorini
1rst Day:
Pick up 06:00 a.m. from your Athens hotel and direct transfer to the port of Piraeus in an air-conditioned environment. Embarkation on a boat. Cruise through the various islands along the way and experience the Cyclades visual. Arrival on Santorini and direct transfer to your hotel.

Tour to Santorini
2nd Day:
Pick up from your hotel and transferred to the port for your departure on a boat. Upon your arrival at Piraeus Port, our representative will be waiting for you, to transfer you back to your Athens hotel.

DURATION : 2 days

Departing From : Athens

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